What is Typed's Hierarchy?

Space -> Group -> Project -> Document/Reference
Space -> Group -> Project -> Document/Reference
Typed’s hierarchy structure works in ways to break the pre-existing folder tree structure. From creating folders within folders within folders infinitively to limiting them to 3 levels.
Space (workspace) → Group (folder) → Project (folder) → Document (work).
Space (workspace) is the largest and is the foundation of where your work begins and gets done. Groups are "folders" ONLY for Projects (folder). Projects are "folders" ONLY for Documents (work). Documents have the capability to become a library for references. Documents can house references you specifically collected for that specific document.
Adding Documents directly to Groups is not possible. Adding Sub-References directly to Projects and Groups is not possible. Projects cannot be created without a Group and cannot be alone in a Space.
Because Typed has a Free Plan, every Space you create will be in the Free Plan and will not be charged unless it has reached its limits.
Typed's Hierarchy Funnel